150 hours in 6 months

I’ve been quite busy competing so far this year. After spending a month in Brazil (Superfinal) and Mexico for the World Cup in January/February, the Norwegian Cup started with a bang in May. To this date we have 11 valid tasks out of 17 potential ones around southern Norway. Still, there is one Norwegian round left with 3 more potential tasks. Currently I’m place 3rd overall. We had the Nordic Championships (combined with the Norwegian Nationals) in Spain in July. I placed in the top 5 overall and 3rd for the Norwegian Nationals. It was a fun event in Pedro Bernardo where most of the 100 participants got to fly 7 of the 7 potental tasks. To my surprise I realized I had 150 hours in 6 months and broke my previous record. There are other fun activities to try out too. I’ve been a lot on the water lately, kitesurfing. 🙂 It’s really addictive and you get more exercise than flying 😉

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