Portugal PWC day 1

Today we had a 89 km race to goal downwind from Montalegre, passed Chaves and to goal southeast of Montalegre. After a lot of parawaiting on takeoff, window open was set at 1430 and air start at 1545. Conditions were somewhat weak with several inversion layers. Max altitude today was approx. 1800-1900 m. A lot of pilots in goal today, 84 in all. Sometimes, flying slower is faster. I was in the lead together with 3 other pilots including Luc Armant for the first 60 km. Racing in conditions like we had today, it can pay off to step a little back in the lead pack and observe what’s going on. 18 km from goal I got stuck for 30 minutes ridge soaring together with Andre Rainsford. Only seconds separated the top 20 positions. Winner today was Aaron Durogati flying his Boomerang X. After a long retrieve, we came back to HQ at 2230. The scorekeepers were out for dinner but eventually all pilots got to deliver their GPS tracklogs. New day tomorrow with perhaps a more technical task.

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