Portugal PWC day 2 and 3

Task 2 Monday was a short 57 km race in the local area. The conditions were weak with low thermal tops, several inversion layers and broken thermals. Only 12 people in goal and winner was Luc Armant. Task 3 Tuesday was a different world. The racing conditions were epic and a 100 km race to goal task was set. Climbs up to 3000+ meters (with several pilots violating the altitude limit of 2950 meters. They got a 10 point punishment for each meter of airspace violation), climbs up to 5 m/s (average) and very tactical flying. I was in goal in top 10 today I think (good feeling). I actually landed ON the physical line (had to elevate my feet to get over the goal line). That’s a close call! 🙂

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